What it all began with

I started to rap in approximately year 2000 and I did break dance in the Fashion Crew team before that. At that time I also tried to learn to draw graffiti in my “Evil and Scary” Borshagivka hood. Then in 2001 I faced the choice I had to make among the three hip hop elements and figure out what to devote my life to. I made my choice in favor of music and joined Iljuha from the Suicide band if I’m not mistaken. We created the Fashion Poetry band and started to perfume under the band’s name. One year before that we came to know about the youth center “Skvazhina” which was a Christian organization helping talented young men like us. We started to perform at Skvazhina quite often increasing the quality of our preformances. Soon other bands joined Skvazhina which were coming not only from Kiev but from all over Ukraine. All of us were interested in a chance to perform for FREE on stage for public actions which were organized by Skvazhina. Later a “Hip-Hop” center appeared in our life. It was the first chance to make a real hip-hop label in Ukraine. It happened so that we were the first ones to get inside this label. This label started to make Various Artists compilations with talented authors and spread them through the country. This label helped us to make our first recordings. I don’t want to be considered a boast but I think that I should also mention the fact that our Fashion Poetry team was quite famous at that time due a numerous reasons.


Its hard to describe the feelings which I was experiencing inside at that time. I started to realize how wrong I was before God, the emptiness of my life and the senselessness of the further living. There were a lot Christians around me, my good friends, who not once told me about Christ, about his sacrifice for each of us. I came to a number of services where I could see with my own eyes the confessions of lots of people who asked forgiveness before God. Time went by and I came to the moment of my life when I realized that I wanted changes in my life as I couldn’t go on this way any longer. I really wanted to start all over again with God this time. I knew that confession should mean the end of my previous life and start of a band new me. With these thoughts I came to the pastor, Segey Suknenko, who also is the founder of “Skvazhina” and explained to him that I wanted to confess myself and make peace with God. After the confession prayer I felt a new page of my life began.

The way my faith influenced my work

Some time passed and I started to feel sick about the music product we’ve been producing with Fashion Poetry. I simply didn’t want to do music about nothing no more, to simply rap as I felt that there was something bigger and something better that we were not doing. Unfortunately my discussion with Iljuha brought me nowhere as he simply didn’t want to make Christian rap. So I told all our fans right from the stage on one of the performances that it was our last show and the band was going to stop its existence after the show. On leaving I left all I could – the band, the acquaintances and even the music for a while. The thing was that it was considered rap to be a non Christian music. They thought it to bring anger, aggression, negative mood and advocacy of all human sins so it had all chances to be non Christian music style. I denied myself the hip-hop music and started to grow up in serving my God the one I came to know.

Coming back to…

Desire to create new tracks never left me and I instantly felt the need to read, write and compose every time I heard rap music. I wanted to create music which could help me spread the word of the One I solely believe in, to tell the world about his love. It would be great if God could change people’s lives for better through my music so I decided to rap again on condition of stopping if God tells me to. It was then that I made up my nickname “Kedr na Lyvani”. To tell the truth this name was told me by God spoken through the pastor during his prayer for me so when time came to make up my mind I never hesitated to accept that name.

Art of today

I don’t think the time has come to speak of my success and what I’ve become. I will tell you one thing however – I recorded a new album and took part in numerous concerts which were both evangelistic and simple ones, also made a number of interesting acquaintances and won grand prize at the Holy Hip-Hop fest. For all these things I want to express my gratitude to the Trinitarian God as he created me, gave me life, provided me with talents and gifts. He guides me on my path of art. We’ll see what it all come to in the future.